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Adnov Logistics providing the best quality by focusing on order-to-delivery lead time and planning accordingly as per customer requirement, Evaluating and redefining standard operating moreprocedures, Examining shipping, transportation and redesign for cost/time efficiencies of customers and embrace automation and implementing the most of new technologies which simplify the shipping less

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With many years of experience in all aspects of the import and export business worldwide, we are always ready to serve you to the best of our knowledge and ability.


Our vision is to be a trusted premier logistics service provider that should keep us knots ahead of competitors


Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of our clients while offering exceptional value in the marketplace and setting the standard for professionalism in the logistic solutions we provide


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About Us

Adnov Shipping & Logistics is a multinational company wich provides premium global logistics solutions offering a multitude of services to meet your business needs by the help of professional team of experts having in-depth knowledge in all aspects of Global Logistics Manage- ment by advanced & innovative strategy

Adnov Shipping & Logistics has the capability to transport any type of cargo by Air, Sea or Road anywhere in the world - from pick-up to final delivery destinations Door To Door. Today we provide high-performance logistics and supply chain management solutions to customers from a diverse range of industries throughout the world. Our customers expect an exceptional level of service and we fulfil that expectation by delivering a reliable, honest, diligent and conscientious service that meets their specific demands

World’s Leading Contract Logistics Provider

Our Services

Air Freight

Each shipment is handled with care by our expert star so that your goods reach you safely no matter what. Our strong network of strategic hubs in the region enables us to offer multimode options to and from various parts of the world.

Sea Freight

From Full Container Loads (FCL) to Less than Container Loads (LCL), on all major global routes, with guaranteed transit times.

  • FCL, LCL and Break Bulk booking services
  • On-dock and Off-dock cargo stuffing facilities
  • Offer economic rates
  • Confirmed space allocation with all major shipping lines
  • Efficient staffs at customs and port zone Highly Skilled professionals
  • Cost effective sea combinations

Custom Clearance

Our Customs Brokers help ease Import and Export regulations and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedures, we help clear consignments by sea, land and air more efficiently.

  • Customs Clearance Services
  • Committed achieve customer satisfaction
  • Highly efficient working procedures
  • Experience in handling different commodities
  • Complete documentation

Land Transport

Offer cost effective, environmentally friendly and problem-solving solutions that assist our customers in achieving their objectives. For mode of the transportation services we are using using especially

  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Lowbed Trailers
  • Reefer Trailers
  • Jumbo/ Mega Trailer
  • Dyna
  • Minivans

Buyers Consolidation

Through our extensive global network, Adnov Logistics can consolidate multiple shipments from various sources for one or a group of customers Depending on the terms of sale, the supplier can either deliver directly to our warehouse, or call us to arrange pick-up of the goods from their premises.
Adnov Logistics can build greater volumes that result in reduced carrier rates, including

  • Less Container Load (LCL)
  • Full-Container Load (FCL)
  • Personalized Consolidated Containers


Adnov Logistics encompasses the principles and processes involved in operations of a warehouse and it is well understood that warehousing and supply chain shall depends on client-to-client business model. At a high level of organizing, this includes

  • Safe storage services
  • Safe unloading and packing
  • Palletization and re-palletization
  • Stuffing and De-stuffing
  • And any other unique client requirements




Cargo To Saudi From Europe and UK

We provide the best Air Cargo from UK, Freight from UK, Sea Cargo from UK, Door to Door Cargo from UK, and door-to-door moving service from UK to Saudi Arabia, packing and moving all over the UK.

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Cargo To Saudi From USA

Shipping your goods to Saudi Arabia from USA is a bit tricky and for the most part it’s a bit tough for anyone but with Adnov Logistics , this is possible without any hassle.We provide the best cargo services.

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Cargo To Saudi From Malaysia

Nowadays moving to Saudi Arabia from Malaysia is happening very often, there are many people shifting to Saudi Arabia from Malaysia. Malaysia is a major business hub also just like Saudi Arabia.

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Cargo To Saudi From Singapore

Singapore is one of the wealthy nations, yet small, its population has a healthy want for products and materials from overseas.Singapore is a city of very strong laws, which are followed religiously.

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Cargo To Saudi From India

We offer the best air cargo from India, freight to India, sea freight to India, door-to-door cargo to India, and door-to-door moving service from India to Saudi Arabia, as well as packing and moving services throughout India.

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Cargo To Saudi From Italy

Shipping cargo to Saudi Arabia from Italy has never been easier. Adnov Logistics Cargo Freight offers both ocean freight and air freight options for customers wishing to ship their cargo from Abu Dhabi to Italy in a cost-effective way.

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Cargo To Saudi From Australia

Planning to send any personal items, goods, or documents from Australia to Saudi Arabia. Without any further ado come to us. We will send your cargo from Australia simple fast and safe with Adnov Logistics.

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Cargo To Saudi From Canada

Adnov Logistics gives efficient Cargo To Saudi From to all ports and airports in Canada.Relocating from Canada to Saudi Arabia, There are certain things you should keep in mind before relocating from Canada to Saudi Arabia.

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Cargo To Saudi From New Zealand

Adnov Logistics the best cargo company in Saudi Arabia will deliver finest cargo services to various parts of beautiful New Zealand.Sending cargo is almost the same as with most international shipments.

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Cargo To Saudi From China

If you have any plan to send personal stuffs or any documents to Saudi from China. We can send your cargo to Saudi cost effective, fast and safe send your cargo to Saudi Arabia with Adnov Logistics .

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Cargo To Saudi From Vietnam

When it come to cargo the major options are ship or plane. Cargo by air would be fast but costly, while shipping by sea is slower but less expensive. At Adnov Logistics, we provide perfect guidance and service for your shipment.

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Cargo To Saudi From France

Adnov Logistics have the best shipping cargo to Saudi Arabia from France.. We send your personal things to the Saudi Arabia with the greatest caution and under the supervision of a well-experienced monitor.

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Cargo To Saudi From Denmark

Adnov Logistics have well-trained personnel for proper packaging and distribution monitoring. We make every effort to exceed your expectations, and we respect your time and resources.

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Cargo To Saudi From Japan

Adnov Logistics values your items and, regardless of how fragile, expansive, ungainly, or substantial they are, we are delighted with our ability to have the capacity to transport them..

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Cargo To Saudi From Germany

Adnov Logistics specialises in building strong partnerships and close working relationships with our customers. Our wide customer base relies on us to provide cost-effective transportation and logistics solutions.

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